Firefox is stable, fast and secure

Thanks to the large number of functions and features offered, Firefox is the most awarded and one of the most recognizable web browsers. Among its highlights are its spell checker, which suggests writing corrections as you type an email or you post a blog entry.

In addition, Firefox is equipped with Live Bookmarks, a download manager and integrated search bar, where you can immediately find links to Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Dictionary of the RAE, or any other search engine that you wish to use.

In addition, Firefox is highly practical: it helps make the most out of your time by offering a speedy browsing time, it also offers the most affordable way to remember all those personal details, user names and passwords ever entered, and can fill web forms quickly and effortlessly.

  • Secure and fast web browser.
  • Attractive interface with the ability to customize the themes and colors of the window.
  • Integrated search bar: Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, eBay, SAR, etc..
  • Easy navigation between bookmarks and tabs.
  • Pop-up Blocker.
  • Protection of personal information to suspicious insecure sites.
  • Integrated spell checker.
  • Ability to remember information such as username, passwords and data entered into forms.